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Transmission question/ guidance

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Hello, I have just gotten a 1911 brush model E it is new to my family and needs some work before it is roadworthy. One of my main points of worry at the moment is the transmission. When the gear lever is moved out of the low-reverse side of the transmission the low-reverse fork springs out of alignment with the neutral part of the guide. What is the issue here? Another thing I would like is a checklist of sorts for things I should look at clean or otherwise money with before it gets driven.



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Matt, The shift fork is held in neutral by a piece of spring steel that is attached to the fork with a rivet.  Many times they are weak or broken.  Things to check are transmission oil, crankcase oil, timer, differential, and grease cups on the jackshafts.  Crankcase 1/2 pt of motor oil, transmission 1 qt motor oil, differential nonfluid grease.   I hope this helps.   Paul

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