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World War One airplane parts for sale.

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World War One, 1920s airplane parts for sale. From old estate of a Michigan aero engine collector. More photos of each and measurements of each by email,just ask. These are the only airplane parts I have. All in excellent condition. Will ship in USA. Part #1: Tag marked shaft coupling hub for Capital Gear, Hisso H- 300. Price $200. Part #2: Tag marked Ranger Aircraft Hub. Probably from the 1920s. Nice. $300.  Part #3: Tag marked prop shaft coupling for 6-12 Liberty Marine conversion per Capital Gear. $200. Part #4: Two nuts both tagged crankshaft nut for liberty/Capital Gear conversion. $100 each. George Albright,Ocala,Florida Email  gnalbright@gmail.com  cell weekdays 352 843 1624

Airplane parts.jpg

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