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New engine valve needed

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I just purchased a Brush runabout and found the exhaust valve is bent.  It is a newer stainless valve.  I'd appreciate any input on availability of new valves or to learn what commonly available valve to buy and modify.

Also, the exhaust valve lifter is bent.  I can probably straighten it but curious to know if I  can purchase a good one.

Bob Lederer. 630-417-2876 


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I would pull the inlet valve out, if it’s the same size as the exhaust which you would assume it would be.

take it to and engine guy and they should be able to help you out.

There are 2 sizes of valves between the models.

The original valve stems where 7/16”, but most of us have replaced the valves with 3/8”stems and the machine the barrel to suit valve guides.

if you post a picture of your engine and car , we can help you Id a bit better.

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