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Good day.

This is related to the Buick Riviera forum in which I participate…


Quite often as I peruse the latest postings to this forum, I simply click on the Next Unread Topic at the bottom right of the thread. In the past when I finished reading the most recent daily postings, clicking on that would take me on a time travel back to the last unread topic I’ve read, roughly March 2016. I have come across some very interesting discussions, some repeats but some new nuggets of info.  Some days I wouldn’t read too many past the current topics, but on other boredom days, I would read lots of old threads.

Recently that trip down “memory lane” has stopped and I now simply see the page indicating “There are no unread content items.” (Screenshot below) This happens on both my laptop and my I-shoe phone.


On my browser I see 305 pages of discussions, with the first posting going back to almost pre-historic times ( December 2006). When I scroll through I eventually see the little blue ball beside the topic indicating I haven’t read that topic. That starts mid way down page 127. Again, March 2016. I would like to be able to just keep reading old topics as I did up until recent as I’m sure there’s more to be found in the remaining 10 years I’ve not read.


I tried contacting the Administrator?? by clicking the Contact Us and provided this same story but I’ve heard nothing in weeks.

If any of the above makes sense, am I the only one experiencing this or do others share my frustration…




Mike Swick

Edmonton, AB

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Peter, good day


Not sure why that was considered a bug, I felt it was a great feature for newcomers to the forums to potentially peruse archived information…


Nonetheless, it’s too bad this bug was squashed.  

Thanks again for confirming what I was seeing…



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