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Vintage snowmobile kit,tracks bolt on back instead of wheels,skis clamp on the front tires.


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The bolt pattern for these is for a Jeep,it could be changed to fit other vehicles. Of course it will all need restoration,missing one chain,the belting will need replacing and some of the cross links are missing. The skis are in good shape except for the metal straps that went over the tires. All parts have surface rust. It is believed this was ordered in kit form and assembled in 40 to 60 years ago. It would have to be used in two wheel drive if the skis are used. If four wheel low was used the front outer hubs would need to be removed so the front shafts would not be trying to turn the wheels. $750 and it will need to be picked up. There may be a ride to Hershey available. Probably best to PM me if interested.




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