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41 Lincoln V12 fuel pump push rod


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It measure s 8 7/8 inches tip to tip.  I got it from Boos Harrel Lincoln parts.  Not sure how critical the length might be of an existing one in use, but this would be a guide to check it by.  I understand some use Ford ones, but if you're going to raise the pump lever properly it needs to be of the correct height.  And remember you can also have wear in the socket the rod fits in on the pump which would make a difference.  It only pumps 3-4 pounds of pressure into the carb.  And also old fuel pumps can get leaks in the diaframe of the fuel pump that would allow gasoline down into the crank case thinning out the oil.  Need to check that one for sure!   I do have an electric pump back by the fuel tank to push the gas up to the carb when I need it to start of run better.  I did use some one way check valves in the setup on the electric pump to get the best operations.  I will take a photo of the new electric fuel pump and send it later.  Hope this helps!

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