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Another rusty fuse block


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Hello all, my first post since joining the club.

Long story short, I finally got the 64 riv out of storage and found a lot of rust in the interior. I plan on eventually replacing everything I can and restoring what can't be found.

Among the casualties is the fuse block. I initially thought I might be able to restore it, but when I started to remove the fuses the prongs on the holders pretty much disintegrated. Following some leads I read on another thread I tried locating the retainer/connector things online, but no luck.

Now I'm looking for a replacement block. I did find one on EBay but for some reason the vendor won't ship to Canada.

I'm really hoping to avoid using a modern type replacement, so any leads would be greatly appreciated

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Thanks Tom, I really appreciate the offer but in order to contact him (her?) I need to enter my address and phone #. EBay won't accept my address, says it's not a proper one (not in USA).... I figure this is a settings thing the vendor put in to prevent cross border shipping hassles. I am NOT a very techie person when it comes to the internet so I'm not even sure if I'm doing something wrong!

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Send me the info needed to purchase what your looking for. Send me a check made out in US funds payable to myself.

When payment is received I will purchase what your looking for.

We'll figure out shipping later.

I will check the four 1st. gen parts Rivs I have to see IF they may be any good.


Tom T.

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I'm so sorry, I just saw this! I was sure I'd figured out how to get the notification thing. Obviously not. 

Thanks very much for your kind offer of help, but it looks like I've located one almost locally.

Now to try to figure out how to get notifications!!!

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