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Marmon Literature For Sale

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I have 2 rare Marmon Automobile items for sale.


1) V16 Marmon Prestige Catalog in Original envelope. $500.00


2) Model 34? (teens-early 20's? String bound, Leather covers call "Specially Constructed Bodies" with the Marmon executive name embossed on the cover.




58 pages, with 28 different plates in color showing different custom bodied cars for Marmon

A true item for the Marmon Historian.


According to The Marmon Heritage by Henley, H.H. Brooks was the Assistant Sales Manager in 1916, being elevated to General Sales Manager in mid 1927. In late 1927 (December) Brooks was elevated to General Sales Director. He retired at the end of 1928 holding the position of General Sales Director.








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