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Dodge Brothers 1938 Series RC pickup water pump removal.

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So, I pulled the old girl out of the shop today to prep for the first car show of the season next weekend. I see the water pump is leaking now.

Can this water pump be removed without pulling the radiator?


On a seperate note, what is the correct battery hold/tie down. This truck currently doesn't have anything to hold the battery in the tray. Is there a strap or clamp that is missing, or is this stock?


Thanks is advance!

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Authentic Beauty, they are only that way once....


Water pump can come out, it will be tight....expect skinned knuckles (fan and pully will get  you)


And here is the "but".....if you are taking the pump off, you "may" want to inspect the water distribution tube...and then the radiator will have to come off. And while your at it, thermostat could probably be refreshed.


I have seen photos of the OEM having a rod going across the top of the battery...but by the looks of yours, its a simple squeeze of of the all thread rod going horizontal across the inner top of the box.


BTW, your shifter "mushroom" draft gasket is OEM....do what ever you can to preserve it. Nobody is making them (at least none I know of). The wind lace and kick panel look exactly like mine before the refurb.



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Thanks for the info Alan. This truck was my wife's grampa's farm truck until 1971. It was parked from 1972 to 2015. We pulled it out of the tool shed in 2015 and got her back on the road. Trying to keep as Grampa had it.


Someone recommended fresh waterproof grease to see if that will stop the leak. What are your thoughts on that?

Also, where can I get a rebuild kit for the water pump?

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Love the story…it’s worth as much as the truck.


Pump is readily available, not hard to find from your favorite suppler.

My go to has been DCM of Michigan.


The pump is so important that I never took the chance of rebuild.

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