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  1. Thanks for this information. My outter seal is torn and I guess the inner seal in not good either, hence the dif oil leak at the brakes . I pulled out the service manual to see how to replace the inner seal. I have to pull the axle, and the bearing is pressed on. Seems like a bigger job than I originally thought. Anyone on here do this repair that can send me a private message? Thanks!
  2. The rear axle oil seal is leaking on my 1938 Dodge RC pickup. There is differential oil leaking past the seal. My question is, does the outer bearing get lub from the different oil or should it be greased like the front wheel bearings? Based on the parts catalog I have, there is an 'inner axel drive shaft oil washer' between the outer bearing and differential bearing adjuster. It's not called a seal. See item #18 in image. Is this to keep differential oil from the outer bearing? Looking for advise on how deep I have to go to repair the leak. Thanks in advance. Greg
  3. Can someone tell what these cast numbers represent on my 1938 Dodge Brothers Series RC pickup mean? I think the 12132 is a casting number and the C8 maybe date code or core/mold number? I'm asking because I have an opportunity to buy a similar gear box but the numbers are 12132 and C10. Thanks in advance.
  4. Vic, Spinneyhill, Thanks for this information. The main reason for pulling the gearbox is it does not hold oil for more than several days. I figured since I had it out to replace seals and gaskets I would rebuild it. When setting on the ground the wheel has more than a quarter turn of play after the adjustments I made earlier. Before the adjustments it was 1/2+ turn play. Is that much free play normal? I was not able to inspect under the car when doing this, but previous inspections I think all the other parts are pretty tight. Attached are the removal and installation instructions from the 1938 service manual. Vic, does your puller look/work t]like this? Did you have trouble removing the steering gear arm?? Reference fig. 1105 in picture.
  5. Vic, thanks for this information. As stated above, Spinneyhill said the toughest part will probably be removing the steering wheel. Any advise on that? This truck is all original except the plywood floorboard, and I'm sure some parts are not as tough as they were 75-80 years ago. Last year I made adjustments to get the play out. It helped somewhat, but the truck is still a handful. I did put in new tie rod ends, etc and had the front end aligned, so I think the play is from the gear box. If the gears are worn, are they available anywhere? Best Regards, Greg
  6. I cannot see casting or PN's on the gearbox. Attached are two pictures I was able to take. Tough to get good pictures. According to the parts book I have the gearbox assembly should be part number 582839 and the housing should be part number 567172. I have the 1938 Dodge Truck shop manual which has step-by-step instructions for the removal of the gearbox. Has anyone removed and rebuilt this in a 1938 pickup? What should I watch out for, what may break easily? Thanks in advance!
  7. I'll check for a casting # tomorrow. The truck is put away for the winter and may be difficult to see.
  8. I'm looking to buy a steering gear box for my 1938 Dodge Series RC pickup. Anyone have one for sale?
  9. I haven't gotten underneath for a close look, just stuck the camera under it to snap a photo of the drip. This is what I found.
  10. Thanks Alan. Mine hasn't been rebuilt. It appears someone welded the two halves together. Not sure why someone would do that. Maybe thought that's how you stopped a leak???
  11. What oil is recommended for the rear-end on my 1938 Dodge RC half ton pickup? The manual states "Powerful Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricants design specifically for Hypoid Gear Lubrication ....SAE No. 90." Will modern 90w gear lube be ok this is old truck? Thanks in advance. Greg
  12. Thanks for all these leads tripwiire. I will check them all. How did you ifnd so many??
  13. I am searching for a 1971 (may consider '72 or '73) Cadillac Fleetwood. Looking for a weekend driver in very good/excellent condition so no projects please. Post here with details or email Greg at
  14. Thanks Keiser31. Is it for car, truck, or either?
  15. Can anyone identify the year and cars this hubcap is from? I found it in an old barn. I thought it went with my 1938 Dodge Brothers 1/2 ton pick-up, but it doesn't. I don't see any numbers on it anywhere. Thanks, Greg
  16. I had to replace the outer seal on the rear axle. The service manual explains how to lubricate the bearing through the axle bearing oil hole. It then says the rear axle may be drained with a suction gun through the filler hole. What lubricant are they talking about draining? What grease do you recommend to lube the rear bearing? I don't have bearing grease for my grease gun. Do they actually make it? Thanks in advance. 1938 Dodge RC rear axle lubrication.pdf
  17. To the person who emailed/messaged me yesterday. I lost your message. Please send me a new message with your email. Thanks, Greg
  18. Keiser31, hwellens, and Country Traveler, thanks for this info The PN's I posted are for the front wheel cylinder body. I figured since I was re-sleeving my originals I would look for an original front right body and send it in with my other three. I would be open to an original assembly though, let me know if you have either. Regards, Greg
  19. When I cleaned up the wheel cylinders to have them sleeved, I noticed there were two front left wheel cylinders (622 113). Looking for an original front right (622 112) to install. I can have it sleeved and rebuilt if needed.
  20. Hello All, I'm looking for an original front right wheel cylinder for my 1938 Dodge RC pick up. I believe the correct PN is 622 112. The truck I have has two front left wheel cylinders, PN 622 113 Message me if you have one for sale. Regards, Greg
  21. Thanks jpage. I did have the original master cylinder sleeved and replaced the brake lines that looked bad on the outside, but didn't think they could have rust/contaminants on the inside.I guess running all new brakes lines will be the next thing to do.
  22. Also, is it the same wheel cylinder for all four wheels or does the left side have different wheel cylinders than the right side? I see wheel cylinders on eBay that state right rear, front left, etc. Thanks in advance. Greg
  23. Over the past year I have been having trouble with my wheel cylinders. They have been leaking on and off, and I don't know why. Usually it's just a few drops running down the inside of the tire (see picture). The last time it was a puddle under the tire. Thisis the second set of wheel cylinders I have installed. Both sets had this issue. Last night I popped the rubber boot off the wheel cylinder and a small amount of brake fluid ran out. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you fix it? I wonder if I am missing something during the brake job to align something. It seems the brake shoe may not be pushing perpendicular on the piston. Would that cause a problem? Frustrated in Wisconsin!! Thanks, Greg