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Autocar Engineering Co, Ciicago; Continental Engine Co, Chicago, and Cont'l Motor Mfg Co

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Those of us in the hobby (compulsion/obsession??) for years take some things for granted, such  as everyone knowing about Cont'l engines...a Peerless owners request for info reminded me that wasn't true for everyone...

"Our" Cont'l started 1903? or so---believe they had 2 Cyl verticals in a 1903 auto show---as Autocar Engineering Co. Chicago. and later became Cont;l Motor Nfg co...

There was a SECOND Cont'l---Continental Engine Co, Chicagp, apparently a contemporary---ads appear mid-1905 and perhaps earlier, , and for awhile our Cont;l ads warning  of "imitation Cont;ls" being adverised and apparently sold.

There is one trade journal that printed an ad page, each Cont;l having half that sa,me page!!

That Cont'l seems to've died out 1913=14 or so, turning into a Continental Engineering Co.

They advertised a full line of engines and later referred to a factory in Illinois, but my limited research didn't settle whether they were actually a builder or just selling someone elses engines...

Letters to readers repair Q and A in Horseless Age (??) stated one of their engines was in the Van roadster...

They were also involved in a line of "Wastern" and "CE" engines.

As old auto reports sometimes just say "Cont;l engine", there is some doubt ablot early lakes being "our" cont'l users...

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