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Springfield Rolls Royce Phantom 1 Town Car with painted cane work

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Just about 50 years ago, we visited Wilkes Barre PA after Hurricane Agnes, both for personal reasons and to check the situation of a car that my father had in a restorer's shop there.  It was a Springfield Rolls Royce, P1 Town Car with the famous RR painted on canework in the rear quarter.  This car had supposedly once belonged to Henry Luce, but along the way (as impossible as this seems) had been run into the ground.  Between my father's distraction from the small company he owned and ran, and the restorer's lack of attention, the car was in the flood zone.  


I believe it to be (though I've no idea where it is now) a 1929 Riviera Town Car, by Brewster.  It was less than 100 engines later than a 1928 Springfield P1 limo we had.  The older car had an iron head, the newer aluminum.  Each side of the car had a small, search light like light facing forward.  Now I've been told that these cars had the British style head lights - but this Town Car (based on the pics I looked at a few minutes ago), had the same drum type lights as the older car.  Inside there may have been flower holders.


Can any of you, based on description, confirm that this is a Riviera Town Car?  It finally occurred to me that the 1930 Riviera Town Car seen in auction photos probably had a British Chassis, but is somehow listed as Springfield.  The one my father had - the entire part of the car forward of the passenger compartment looks like it had the exact same layout as our 1928 limo had.  


Funny thing - as a kid (1960's), I had a book about Rolls Royce history that I've long since lost - but it had a photo of this exact model, looking (though in much better shape) like what we had.

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Post this under CCCA, in the American Rolls-Royce thread. I’m busy today, but if I can get in front of my computer this weekend I’ll try to find a car for you. If not somebody else will do it. But you need to post to that thread.

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