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65 389 valve cover installation

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Before I removed my valve covers I took some pictures, the way they were installed the bumps on the covers were both oriented toward the rear of the engine. What I didn't notice at the time is that along the length of the cover there is a bend one side up, the other down. It seems like those bends should both be either towards the inside of the head or towards the outside. If I install them the way they came off, one is in, the other is out. If I flip one or the other cover 180 one bump will be to the front, the other to the rear. I don't know if it matters, the shop manual doesn't seem to say anything other than install.20220507_150252.jpg.43e1965e210ce8681dc49eed26acdc60.jpg20220507_150239.jpg.6dca7e3633cf7fa2054bdce0a35a40e5.jpg

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Pent roof valve covers. Right side forward, left side at the back. Left side grommet natural rubber. Intake manifold bolts and valve cover bolts painted engine color. Toss up on breather, some blue and some black.

1965 Pontiac Bonneville | Fast Lane Classic Cars


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