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Maybach, but who owned it?


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IMG_20140305_0001.jpg           My Father took this this picture in 1940 in Banff Canada. It is a 32 Maybach. Always  wondered who may of owned it. It has a New York plate as well as the SG 58. I can read the NY plate on the original, and wrote to DMV but they don't keep records very far back. 

I haven't been able to exactly match it to any on the net.  Any Guesses?

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I think I found some information on this Maybach : it is a Zeppelin model from 1932 and according to the Maybach register from Michael Graf Wolff Metternich, it is chassis Nr. 1404 bodied by Spohn from Ravensburg as a 4-door 4-window tourer. It was painted in two tones of grey. First owner was the chairman of the Swiss Central Bank in Zurich, Switzerland. 

The second owner was a Swiss architect named Hungerbühler.

The SG 38 plate, that can be seen on the photograph, is from Switzerland and precisely it the the 38th number issued in the Sankt Gallen  canton, most probably from the 2nd owner, the architect.

Here is a more recent photograph of the same car.


Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 23.39.20.png

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