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1931 Interior


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On 3/11/2022 at 12:00 PM, dcoffman said:

My interior is getting bad.  Does anyone know of a kit (probably not) that can be ordered to replace the covers and door panels?

What have others done?  Any help would be appreciated.


No kits available.  In some larger (and smaller) cities there are still the occasional seat cover shops and maybe they can whip you up something.  If you know someone doing a car, you may find an upholsterer who will make you a kit of the pattern.  My upholsterer sews door panels on top of mylar instead of cardboard (makes for great longevity in a car that will get wet) - also takes some engineering as to fastening though.   Ask around - easy enough to do just the seats and then focus on rest at a later time.

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