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All steel Hudson sedans


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I need information on the engineering of the 1926 all steel Hudson sedans. What did the structural framework of the body look like? Was it a steel framework with attached panels or were the panels themselves part of the stress bearing structure? How big were the pressed panels? Is there any information available on difficulties in the assembly of the all steel bodies? What wood parts were still used in the all steel bodies? 
The 1923 Hudson sedans were advertised as “all steel on wooden frame”, which indicates a somewhat loose use of the term “all steel”. Does this also indicate that the 1926 Hudson sedans were less all steel than advertised? 
My questions apply to both bodies from suppliers and bodies produced in house by Hudson.

When did all Hudson models have all steel bodies?

I am also grateful for all tips about literature and newspaper articles from the time that describe the body engineering of mass produced bodies from 1920 to 1940.


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I suggest that, for optimal coverage, you post your inquiry in the Hudson Open Forum https://forum.hetclub.org/ , as well as here at the AACA Forum. 


Hudson was transitioning to all-steel bodies from the late 1920's to the mid-thirties.  I don't know about 1926, but by 1929 the only structural wood was the roof rails.  (The body below the roof had wood for non-structural  uses like tacking strips for upholstery.)  By about 1934 everything was steel except for inserts in the roof, then by 1935 (I think) the entire roof was one-piece metal.

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