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Vacuum lines for 1965 Mercury Montclair Marauder


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I have been searching for a vacuum diagram for my recently-acquired 1965 Mercury Montclair Marauder, 390 V8, Ford 4-barrel, factory a/c, automatic.

I'm working on the engine and have come across some lines that are loose, and I cannot figure where to connect them.

I have the 1965 Ford Mercury Shop Manual (an original printed manual) but cannot find much about the vacuum lines.


Any help would be appreciated; even a clear photo of an engine compartment that's all hooked up properly.

tube from carb to exhaust manifold (broken).png

broken tube from carb.png

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The line that is circled is part of the choke heater. Vacuum from the carburator sucks hot air through the insulated steel line attached to the exhaust manifold. The circled line attaches to the exhaust manifold near the insulated line. It is supposed to provide a clean air supply to the choke heat tube. It rusted off the manifold. The last little bit of it is still in the manifold. Start the engine up cold and one of those small holes will have vacuum in it that you can feel  with your finger. I have a 65 Park Lane Marauder but it is in storage so I can't get a picture right now.  Page 8.82 of the shop manual, FIG 8 is a picture of the manifold part of it. It doesn't show the rest of it though.

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