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1929 Crankshaft Flange


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Hi all DeSoto fans,

Information required. 

Need to replace the rear seal on the crankshaft. So far I have removed the flywheel. Now the flange will have to come off to give me access to the seal cover.  My question is: How is the flange secured to the crankshaft?    Any hints will be gratefully  received. 


Cheers, and happy motoring......

Thor 20220114_171509.jpg.15485f01f8995cc98d194756aa670187.jpg20220114_171509.jpg.15485f01f8995cc98d194756aa670187.jpg20220114_171628.jpg.28baecd139659b37994248c32d829274.jpg


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Hi Thor

I have a 1930 DeSoto, and I also have a 1929 owners manual. From my memory the rear flange is part of the crankshaft. I believe that you have to remove the oil pan, then remove the rear bearing cap and feed a new wick seal into the groove.


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Good Afternoon Rick,

Thank you for your feedback. You are quite correct, I did some deeper research yesterday and found the flange is part of the crankshaft. I did remove the flywheel to gain access to the seal cover - two parts. Fiddly job, but worth it to eliminate the annoying oil leak.


Thor 20200301_144120.jpg.d3e6fe312cfdafb02afe5eb44abd3421.jpg

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