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tappets or valve lifters

Carl Eidsness

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I need 1 valve lifter for my 1931 REO Royale engine overhaul. Recent research with help from Joe Asuchak and Harley Goff reveals that the same lifter was used on 1931 Flying Cloud models 20 and 25 and Royale models 8-31 and 8-35. All showed REO part number 3AA21 for this lifter in the REO parts book for 1931. In addition, checking in a parts cross reference book for different years and makes it turns out that REO started using this lifter for the 1927 Flying Cloud model A, and continued using the same one throughout the years for the model C in '29, models 20 & 25 in '30, S, S2, S4, S5, even the 6A in 1935. There it was listed as part number GU-120.  This of course was a great relief for me to discover as it increases the potential source pool immensely.

Does anyone reading this have an extra one of these or know of where I could buy one? If so please contact Carl Eidsness at carleidsness@gmail.com




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