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axle shims stacked to one side?


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I'm in the process of replacing my inner and outer rear wheel seals as well as the pinion seal on my 48 Chrysler Windsor.

In regards to the axle shims. On the passenger side there is one .015 shim. On the drivers side there are 3 shims, .030, .015, and .0125. That seems strange to me. As the service manual says, it's best to divvy up the shims equally as possible side to side. Even if I move the one .015 from the drivers side to the passengers side, I still have a difference of .0125.

Unfortunately before I pulled everything apart, I didn't check the axle end play on both sides to see if they were within the  tolerance of .003-.008.

I hadn't intended on removing the pinion gear housing, only replace the pinion seal and add a speedi-sleeve. Could it be that there is something amiss inside causing the shims to be stacked to one side so much? I mean it sounds fine back there when driving along, and runs great, so as the saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it”.

So should I put the shims back just the way they were and as long as my axle end play is within tolerance, call it a day?

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