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1940 Super speedometer


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I had a 1940 with a squeaky speedometer that jumped up and down whenever it squeaked. After lubricating this and greasing that, I couldn't fix it, turned out the problem was the old grease had turned to soap and was sticky and gummy, instead of lubricating. The point where the cable meets the speedo is where they added soap grease which was dried into glue. Adding grease didn't work, it didn't dissolve the glue. I tried graphite, vaseline with graphite, didn't work, it was still squealing. I had to spray WD40 to dissolve out the old sticky gum, and added new vaseline with graphite, and it fixed it. Mix equal amounts of vaseline and graphite, reach under and unscrew the big fitting where the cable meets the back of the speedo, and spray the crap out of it with WD40. Take a drive and spray again. Take another drive, spray again. When it stops squeaking and works again, add the vaseline graphite mix for a permanent fix. Vaseline never dries out like grease does.

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