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1989 Transmission code


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Vehicle runs smooth and shifts with no issues until I receive this alert on the CRT screen and then starts to shift hard  like it goes into "Limp mode"


What could be the issue... just a sensor?...the dealer charged $150.00 to reset the code ( by disconnecting the battery and it ran fine for about a week until the alert again pops up almost everyday now...?



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I don't see any codes indicated?? The electrical problem is a sort of catch all without specifics. Is the check engine light on indicating a stored code? The transaxle is purely hydraulic, so there is no direct electrical reason for the trans to shift differently but if engine performance falls off, "limp home" as you mention, it would likely change the feel of shifts.


I can think of two recent items on my #2 sons 89 somewhat related to this issue. He had an oil pressure sender pinned at the maximum 255 psi reading and his TPS reading was incorrect and found it to be no good. Replacing the oil pressure sender and replacing the TPS with a correct reset cured the hard starting and the Electrical Problem message as well. 

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