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Battery CJE information needed, battery cases, pictures, manufacturers, original equipment

Joe Block

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We  have been developing a new JCE to cover batteries. 


We am  interested in any  literature and information on batteries from 1905 to 1993. 

  • Specific to Auto Manufacturers manufacturer: Delco, MoPar, Ford Script, Motorcraft, Autolite etc,
  • Individual batteries manufacturers. Willard and others
  • Any old battery case would be helpful too,  (Hershey Space GCF, near the Giant center)
  • Pictures of correct batteries with details of vehicle installations. 
  • Sources for replacement batteries and update kits, toppers and drop in cases.
  • I have most of the ebay info on decals, some drop in cases and plastic caps to update more modern batteries to look authentic. 
  • What color are the removal caps on your vehicle: white, yellow, red and green are available 


We are hoping to have draft for CJE review and possibly presentation at Hershey, definitely 2022.



I have space on the green field GCF26 where anything can be drop off. 

Contact me first,  Joe Block,   email Packards42@yahoo.com


Thanks for all your help, this will be an ongoing project for 2022 as more details are agreed upon.    


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