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Replacing dash pad on 64 Electra convertible

Wayne R

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Thought i would show this,  as when i purchased  my 64 Electra--i new it had really bad cracks in dash,

from photos from  PO in US, so i managed to get a really nice used one  from ---Ones man garbage---Junkyard in New Jersey.---Dave the owner  is a very reliable owner ---.

Back to fitting,  probably one of the most hardest jobs i have done for a long time, thought i was smart ,so tried to remove the correct way ,by removing all --8 or 9 bolt screws from  behind dash, and was only able to get to  3 bolts ,    gave up on all the others, almost impossible with a Electra with all options fitted,, --so i  cut the old dash pad at every bolt and drilled the nuts off.

Fitting  for  the  newer  pad was alot better, but only able to get   4 bolts on  finish  fitting ,  all good. 





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