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olds 98 1976...help


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Hi, I need infomation on three things. 1) Where are the instrument panel lights and how do I change them. 2) How do I do remove the radio cover and does it reqiure any special tools. 3) Where can I purchase the plastic/rubber cover that go between the body and the tail light. Thank you for any help.


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The dash panel floodlights that light the A/C control and radio areas are underneath the dash pad and can be changed by removing the floodlight assembly and replacing the bulb. You need to try to get the right bulb #564 as some other similar ones (esp a 211 or 561) are too hot and will melt the floodlight lens. A 212 is a little hotter than you really want but can be used if you can't find the 564.

The speedometer and idiot lights aren't easy to get at. You have to remove the padded dash and reach down behind the cluster from the top. You can do it from the bottom if the lower dash panel is off, but it's easier to R&R the pad than the lower panel.

To get the RH dash faceplate off- remove radio knobs, then grab it inside the radio opening and pull straight out. It's retained with ribbed studs that push into barrel clips on the dash structure. If you're trying to get the radio itself out, that's more involved and the lower dash panel has to come off. Let me know if you need that procedure.

Several companies make ABS plastic reproduction bumper filler panels. I have a pair from Musselman Distributing in TX musselmandist@usa.net on my Regency, and there's others who advertise in <span style="font-style: italic">Hemmings Motor News</span> . Try CR Plastics 1-800-551-3155 or North Yale Auto Parts www.northyaleautoparts.com and see what they have.

If you're going to do much work on this car yourself I recommend getting a 1976 factory Chassis Service Manual and a 1976 Fisher Body Manual. They're on e-bay frequently and go fairly cheap.

Is your Ninety Eight dark blue or light blue?

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