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Hi, I am looking to sell my family owned machine that I brought from Germany.  It is in great shape and as far as I know works.  I'd like to sell it to someone who can appreciate it's history and will display it proudly like I have.  I'm located in the Central Coast of California.

Any tips on where I can reach Opel collectors and what kind of value this has would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Opel 3.jpeg


Opel 1.jpeg

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You can date it by checking the serial number. https://www.fiddlebase.com/german-machines/opel/dating-opel/

Don't know anyone who collects Opel sewing machines, but perhaps someone who likes Opel cars might be interested.  Chances are however, you'll get more interest if you advertise it to sewing machine collectors.   If you wander around the internet you might be able to find others for sale to compare and determine what price range might work for you. 


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