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Continental Engine 15E / REO Wolverine 1927/1928 - bearings


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I am the proud owner of a 1927 REO Wolverine open 7-seater originally purchased new by my grandfather in May -28. It was one of 10 identical vehicles that was converted to taxis in Bergen, Norway. I also have a -28 sedan in bad condition that I keep for spares.  I am doing some work on the original Continental 15E engine and wonder if anyone out there has knowledge about if bearings are available from anywhere?  


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Should've thought to look them up...a 36 King Prod catalog lists no rods (poured?) but shows sana mains for the 10, 11, 12. 14. 15, 16 and 18Es...

Jordan, Moon and Peerless used them; possibly the Clubs might have sources.

The 18E was heavily into trucks; you might try the old truck sites...happy huntin!!

OOPS---the early 29 Durant model 70 is down for, oddly, the 18E 

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