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AutoLab Radio Show Sat 4/17/21 Porsche 550 Spyder & Bugatti Guests


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AutoLab Radio Show, Sat 4/17/21 Porsche 550 Spyder and Bugatti Guests


Hi guys,

I was able to book my friend on AutoLab this Saturday! He's the owner of the recent 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder "Container find" Le Mans winning race car! He will be coming on just before the 8:00 time slot (NY time) Can't wait to hear him share the car's story with all of us.
At the 7:00am slot we have Ivan Dutton, the Bugatti Collector and restorer in the UK coming on live with us as well. He's quite a fun character if you havent seen his youtube channel yet.
You can hear (and see) the show on Facebook live. Just scroll down until you see the video and click to watch it. 
LIVE Saturday AM 970  7am-9am  
Spread the word with all your Porsche friends as he owns one of the worlds finest Porsche collections.
All shows are archived for later viewing as well.
   Alex Soultanis
AACA life member, Judge & AutoLab Radio Show Historian
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Ivan Dutton, the Buggatti restorer will be on the following week so that AutoLabs own Robert Erskine can cover a story LIVE from the UK about Prince Phillip's custom built hearse that Prince Philip designed himslf. Prince Philip as well as the Queen herself, were mechanics during the War, so Robert Erskine will be talking about that as well.


I will share what I saw at the AACA Southeastern Spring Nationals in Charlotte last weekend.


And of course, my friend (and mystery guest) will be on LIVE to share the amazing story of the famous Porsche 550 Spyder "container" find that he bought and now owns.

Watch the show LIVE here on Facebook live:



Saturday morning 7am - 9am AM970


The show is archived each week and be seen later on at our website:


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