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Response about Autofair

Steve Moskowitz

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I understand that there was a post or posts about the Autofair recent communication about the cancellation once again of the Spring Autofair.  It is an event many of us love and one that has gone on for years very proudly.  We are aware that it is a very, very expensive event to produce and without the thousands of hours of the volunteers, like Hershey, it could never happen.  Without the vendors it ceases to exist as well.


The first thing we need to make VERY clear is that the Autofair has always been a separate corporation and entity.  That business is not  overseen my the national nor do we have any involvement whatsoever in its operation or policies.  This is not a way of sidestepping the issue but a plain fact. 


I have received phone calls from several members in regards to the outcome of this year's cancellation.  The frustration and anger is understandable.  The folks who have called me were gentlemanly on the phone and we had a rational and straightforward conversation.  However, I was not armed with enough information to try and respond fully.  While it was not my duty to respond to this issue I wanted to help in any way I could as the Hornets Nest Region, who operate the Autofair, are made up of some great and honorable people based upon my 17 years of dealing with them.


This is a difficult situation as I have now learned more about why the decision was made.  It is not my place to speak for the Autofair so future communication will have to come from them.  I can tell you, and many probably already are aware, that doing business in 2020-2021 has been anything but easy.  National had expenses for events that had to be made early on in the process and in some cases it was money purely wasted, some cases deposits were not returned and thankfully some folks were able to refund us the money.  It continues to be trying!


Hopefully, some how this situation will not cause us to lose one of the great car events in the country.  

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