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Truck throttle lever and pedal connection


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Im in the process of adjusting the spark and throttle levers on my 20's maxwell truck.  The truck didn't come with a gas pedal but it has an open lever that looks like it did the job.  I'm trying to puzzle out how the lever will work with a gas pedal and be a master control over the hand lever.  Right now it seems like a gas pedal can operate the throttle levers but will pull the hand lever in the process and I dont think it would be able to return to idle automatically.  If anyone has photos of their throttle linkage around the gas pedal that would be a great help.  It seems to be similar to a 1917+ model



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My 1917 Maxwell Commercial Chassis uses the passenger car linkage so I can't show you that as your truck is slightly different. My throttle lever when pulled causes the floor pedal to drop as well but the pedal works independently of the lever. I looked in my files and found these pictures of a 1921 truck and hope they might help you. 


Howard Dennis

1921 Maxwell 1.5 ton 1.jpg

1921 Maxwell 1.5 ton 5.jpg

1921 Maxwell 1.5 ton 6.jpg


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Oh man, of course those pictures *almost* show what I need!  Its the second shaft thats more buried on top of the trans.  However the pucs are still nice because it answers some of my other questions.  The fan pulley matches, the generator looks the same.  Also the same wide flat belt pulleys.  No starter too, but a different cover. And similar but different intake manifold.

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I think I got it!  Looking at the pics and your description I think mine is hooked up semi backwards.  The gas pedal should be clevis pinned to the fixed shaft arm, and the hand lever should be on the loose/independent arm.  That would make the pedal the master control I think.  

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Wow!  Bearing numbers!  I could only read the 337 when I took mine apart.  Guess ill be doing some photoshopping and compiling a couple manuals to go under my seat.  I wonder if the only big change from the 1917 version to the 20s was the switch from magneto to distributor ignition.

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