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Mercer Documentary?


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I read that there has been collaboration for a Mercer documentary according to CaddisArt website but have been unable to find any recent updates on this. When researching it I run into dead ends so I'm wondering if there's any truth to it. Anyone heard anything?


Here's the link:

CaddisArt Collaborates to Mercer Auto Documentary - CaddisArt Cinematic Marketing


Here's some of this article from Oct 2019:


The Roebling Museum and the descendants of the Roebling, Kuser and other families have generously helped form the project and provided many avenues for research and time lines. Since most of the descendants hold the keys to provide every needed detail about the story line, CaddisArt can concentrate purely on the professionalism of the film, interviews, animations and production values.



Details about the interviews and subject matter of the documentary will hopefully be released by early January.” said Robert Blanda, Creative Director of CaddisArt’s Media Production Facility. He continued by stating, “It would be premature to tell you that we’re going to use everything we filmed so far. There’s a lot of history behind this subject and we’ve got the most knowledgeable and notable historians about Mercer Automobiles at our disposal. We’re just not ready to release key information yet.”


Robert declined to speak about the on-screen talent, adding, “I’m not going to answer any questions about the participants until we have the final green light to begin marketing and promotion. Even though we already began cutting unnecessary segments out of the interviews, you’ll be excited when you see who’s in the film.”


CaddisArt, Inc. will also be assisting with the marketing and distribution of the film in hopes to reach either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video through an external distribution company. Backup platforms such as Roku and Speck are already being considered. The future hopes of a followup film has also been discussed.




As I've highlighted in bold type above, it states that they had hoped to release details by early January but that was a year ago now and I haven't been able to find anything. Has anyone heard anything about this documentary that is supposedly in the works? 

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