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1903 Model A Help and Info


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I have been snookered into getting a 1903 on the road that has not run since he owned it. Of course I need help. The previous work was decent but some things not so great

    First thing is where to get info on basic operation. I have owned T's over the years and am familiar with the planetary gear set up but....my understanding is the lever on the right side should be low and high and should lock in place. This one just applies the outboard band and has to be held in place.

  The engine in it now is a two cylinder vertical L-head with an open valve train and an old Holley carb. I would like to know what make and vintage the engine is. No markings on it. I will need to find or modify a crank also. The advance and throttle linkage don't appear to be modified to work on this engine

    It uses Model T coils with a motorcycle battery in the glove box with a timer on the front of the engine. 

    Thanks for and any help and insight







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Yikes! The engine is not in any way shape or form correct even as an era replacement for an early Ford model A, nor C or F. No idea what it may have for a transmission, whether it can even be made to work in this car or not. It looks as though the engine has been modified considerably, and may even have a lot more model T than just the carburetor.

I wouldn't even speculate on the body or chassis being real model A from what I can see. It could maybe even be an amusement park recreation from the 1950s or '60s for all I can tell. Wheel spokes not properly done, full elliptic springs could be from anything. Can't see enough of the axles to determine anything.


I wouldn't suggest doing much with it until you can figure out just what you have there!


By the way, the timing gear cover appears to be a modified model T Ford timing gear cover, with a model T timer on it. 


Sorry I haven't checked in here in the model T section for a couple months.

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