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1925 Chevy Superior K 4cyl 171ci Questions


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Anyone with or know about the Chevy Superior K

Was hoping to get some help regarding the engine.

Im hearing that the valves require oiling every 15 miles due to being external but I only see the pushrods being exposed.

Also that the engine has a very weak bottom end so it is not a cruising car (longer trips then 20 miles) and really doesn't tolerate much over 30 mph?

Help :)

Thank you


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I have a 24 and the Instructions manual says to oil the rockers and felts every 250 miles. I got my manual from ebay but The Filling Station may have reprints. If your car is in good condition trip length should not matter but you would want to attend to the maintenance spelled out in the manual. Your cars bottom end was designed close to 100 years ago by people who, given the limitations of building a low price vehicle, knowledge, and materials of the time, did an excellent job .  These vehicles have given their owners many years and miles of excellent service. As far as top speed mine seems comfortable at 25 to 30. You could go faster and many have but your brakes are acting on very skinny tires. 


Good luck and enjoy!



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