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I am about to send my 1929 Studebaker with a rumble seat to the Upholstery shop to have the Interior done. Does anyone have a Studebaker in the 1928-30 range that still has the original interior, and were the kick panels (the area along the inside of the cowl) always black regardless of the color of the interior? Also, did the rumble seat come in different colors depending on the interior color in the front and the paint scheme, or did they just make it a standard black regardles of the paint and interior color? And one last question, if the rumble seat could be upholstered in a variety of colors, then what color were the kick panels on the sides of the rumble seat compartments, did these also stay a standard black, or were there other color options? I would imagine that as the car rolled down the assembly line, Studebaker would not have gone to the trouble of changing the color of the kick panels in the front and rear compartments, but I am not sure, and it seems that if you have a light interior material color either in the front or rear rumble seat compartment area, then black would be too much of a contrast, however I want to be exactly authentic and do not want to be one of these restorers that takes "Literary license" to put in what he thinks looks best and then tries to convince the rest of us that the way he did it was what Studebaker did and is original (like putting carpeting on the front floorboards when they were supposed to be black rubber matting).

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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