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96 Park Ave. Ultra Heated Seat Problem


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The driver's side heated seat has stopped working. When the heat switch is on I can hear what sounds like a relay clicking but no heat. Any idea how big a job this is to fix?

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If those systems are configured as the current GM systems are, there should be a seat heater control module "down there". Probably similar to a relay where a small electrical current controls a larger electrical current (keeps the higher amps from going through the control switch and probably "cooking" it.

If that is not the problem, then the heating element is probably a part of the seat covering itself and that would have to be replaced with a GM part, I suspect.

You might be able to troubleshoot it with a continuity checker to see if the heating element is getting the needed electricity to properly function.

The passenger side should also be heated and could probably have the same setup as the driver's seat. Is that side working also? Is just the seat cushion not heating with the seat back cushion heating or is the whole thing just not functioning? Might just be an abraded wire or one that has come unplugged or similar.

The whole situation should be located in the seat area itself. Probably have to unbolt the seat from the floorpan to properly look at things.

Just some thoughts . . .


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