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Beginner and Intermediate Flathead Engine Videos


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A while ago I started making videos about my 1938 Plymouth. Many of them ended up in my restoration thread here. I sort of have moved beyond the scope of just restoration. I like technical details. I like to research and understand. I began to realize that You Tube is the younger generation's go to source for help, education, entertainment, and more. I thought, maybe I should document my learnings and experience, on You Tube? For future car lovers to reference.  I like helping others. I like teaching. I like old cars. I like researching...Producing old car technical videos seems to check a lot of boxes for me. So I keep at it. Many kind folks have encouraged me to carry on. 


My video on introduction to flathead engines ranks pretty well for viewers, compared to the rest of my videos. As I go through a Mopar flathead engine this winter I plan to carry on and produce videos. I try to keep things simple for new up and comers to the flathead car hobby.

I don't prepare or read scripts. I sorta just talk and walk through want I want to say ad-lib. Slip ups happen. 


Here are parts 1 and 2 of my Mopar Flathead Engine series. Thanks for watching. Any comments are appreciated.


PS: Turns out that the largest group of my YT Viewers are 65+ years old. LOL. Who says YT is for the younger generation? Lol.






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