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1925 Flint - looking for center “dish” piece of disc wheel


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I am looking for the center metal dished piece that goes between the wheel and hubcap on a 1925 Flint H-40 The wheel is a 4 lug, 20in wheel that I believe might be made by Hayes, possible a Hayes 300, but I’m not totally positive on that.  The current place where the car is parked made it a bit challenging to take an exact measurement of this piece; but as best as I could, the hole where the hubcap meets it is roughly 3.5 inches and the wide flange against the wheel looks to be around 7.5 inches, in case that helps.  If a more exact measurement is needed let me know and I’ll get one.  The piece that I’m searching for is what’s painted red in the photos. What is this piece called?  

Thanks!  Travis




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