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1969 Hurst Olds AM FM/8 Track


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Would someone know where I might obtain the wiring diagram to connect a stand alone Oldsmobile 8 track player to what looks like an original AM FM radio? Both are operational as I had the 8 track serviced and the radio currently operates. 


Thanks for the help in advance!



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Is the AM/FM a stereo (with the separate stereo adapter unit) or an AM/FM mono with the rear speaker?


The short answer is that the 8 track harness has a male and female connector. The existing radio feed harness unplugs from the radio and plugs into the female connector on the 8 track. The male connector on the 8 track plugs into the radio. The 8 track harness also has two single wire connectors. One connects to the blue rear speaker feed wire that runs to the rear of the car. The other accepts the rear speaker output from either the stereo adapter (if you have AM/FM stereo) or from the front/rear fader control on the radio if you have AM/FM mono.


The 8 track is a stand-alone stereo unit that has it's own amplifiers for each channel. The front and rear speaker feeds pass through the 8 track unit. When you insert a tape into the 8 track, the speaker feeds are switched from the radio to the 8 track amps. Eject the tape and they switch back.


There's a diagram in Fig 15-5 in the Chassis Service Manual, but it's just a pictorial of how the wires connect, not a schematic. The schematics are in the 1969 Delco Radio Service Manual.



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