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DA Water Pump Rebuild


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I have 2 water pumps from a DA six. Part Number 210903.

The packing nut assemblies are different. They are both pressed in. One is bronze and the other is steel. Just curious about difference. One pump has A1 and other has A3 stamped.

A bronze bushing 0.812” OD and 0.625” ID by 1.125” long is pressed into the assemble. I believe the bronze one to be original. The bushing for this assembly does not have a flange end as the front bushing does.

The front bushing has the flange. The OD and ID are the same size as the packing nut bushing but is 1.5” long.

I will be rebuilding a pump for my engine.

Are these bushings available?

Also will I need a new shaft? The diameter is 0.610”




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