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CITROEN D-Series Parts and 3 CV-6 (Ami-6) manual Available soon - ANY INTEREST ?

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CITROEN D-Series Parts Available soon - ANY INTEREST ?

Also an original Technical 3CV AM January 1964 Edition Owners Manual from our Ami-6 (101 Full page Illustrations plus 222 page Technical Operations).


I HAVE STARTED CLEARING OUT ONE OF MY GARAGES (wife cheering in the background)

As I do, there may be several parts of interest - mostly mechanical, but a few trim parts,

and 2 very good D-Series hoods from a 1967.

also at least one DS-21 Wheel 5-lug

I'm located Half-way between the New Orleans French Quarter and the Airport.


Please respond here, or click on my name (above-left) for a PM (Private Message), 

and let me know of any specific needs. I'll check to see if I can help.

More pics to be added as I retrieve and catalog them.





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Greetings Marty Roth,    I have a 1965 Citroen Ami6 that would benefit from your manual.    It has the m4 602cc motor, no oil filter and is somewhat of a "dis-owned orphan".  I also have a 1970 DS 21,   Please let me know your requirements.   

Citroen owner for 40 yrs, retired health care worker, living in the Midwest with no Citroen help within 400 miles.


Thanks for your consideration,

Stay Healthy,


Jim Heaney

8816 Manderley Drive

Indianapolis Indiana 46240


317 625 1646

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when we lived in Ft Wayne (1970-1971) and I needed major help with our DS-21, I went to Carl Drake In Madison, WI

i don’t know if he is still available, or how to contact him since I don’t have a current member roster 

Sorry I can’t recall anyone closer at the moment-


i Will look for the Ami-6 shop manual when we are back in New Orleans in June 

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