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How much HP


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My '70 Buick Service Manual lists the following:

Horsepower 230@4400 Torque 350@2400

Taxable Horsepower 46.2

Octane Requirement -- Motor 85 Research 93

(Posted Pump Octane is the average of these two numbers and came into existence later)

Compression Ratio 9.0

The "Net" power ratings came into existence a year or so later, when about the only significant change (other than appropriate for the particular year model emission controls) was a compression ratio of 8.5 and unleaded fuel compatibility. The ratings above would be by the earlier "gross power" SAE methods.

This engine is more about smooth and economical power than maximum power output considering it has the smaller Rochester 2bbl carburetor. It "drives" better than many of the beloved Chevy motors of the same size, at least to me, and is really quite similar to what the current 200 horsepower 3.8L Buick V-6 is in the current Regals--except in fuel economy.

The 4bbl versions also had a dual exhaust (and a higher compression ratio prior to '71) to help explain their additional power.

The Buick 350 V-8 with the 2bbl might not have the cache of having a 4bbl or being a 455, but it's a pretty dang good motor in stock form and with the small (probably about 300 cfm) 2bbl carburetor. You could do a whole lot worse than just give it a good tune and drive it!



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