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Free 41 radiator and 50s fog light switch


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Not much interest on the SDC board so I will try here.

I am trying to thin out the clutter in the garage and top of the list are Studebaker parts for cars I don't own. So both of these are free to a good home (or even a bad one) as long as you are willing to pick it up or have it shipped. First on the list is a McCord radiator dated 1941 that is MUCH larger than the radiator on my Champion. It looks like a Stude radiator so it is probably for a President, Commander, or maybe a truck.
The radiator is certainly used and looks to have some repairs on some of the tubes. I don't know if that was before or after the leaks that stained it. Shipping is the bear here. This thing probably weighs 40-50 pounds. Or you can pick it up in Delaware, OH just north of Columbus. More pictures and measurements are here:

Second item that has to go is a Studebaker fog light switch. Works fine, knob is a bit boogered up and the fuse is blown. Good backup for any on-off switch if your car uses this style. Obviously this is a lot easier to ship. No extra charge for the overspray.
If interested PM me with your location and I can look up the shipping.


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