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Old Brass Lamps


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I have a pair of flat wick brass lamps and would like to date them and eventually sell them. They are complete with the acceptation of the two hinge pins for the lenses. There is a faceted red glass in the back. There are some minor dents and bumps. The original wicks are in place. My dad always said they were off an Oldsmobile but I think they were generic and used on a variety of autos. Sometime in the 50s I braDSCN1320.thumb.JPG.310b812055302fdba5deb2478f9e3fbe.JPGssoedDSCN1321.thumb.JPG.3a624f3eba0064c1d2615be28a372595.JPG the heck out of them, in storage ever since. More pictures are available.

Thanks for your thoughts, Bill

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A little more... these appear to be lamps that mount on the sides and just below the windshield. They have a curved lense(glass?) on the side facing out.

Do they have a particular name? Side markerlight, cornering light, running lights, ________ light?

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