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SOLD Crank Shaft Pulley 06 - 1920-30's Chevrolet SOLD


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Crank Shaft Pulley 06 - 1920-30's Chevrolet


well since the pandemic kicked in been cleaning out my garage... going through misc stuff and parts i have that are just sitting around. so will be posting various items for sale or free just pay shipping to get rid of them and make room in my garage. 


i have a misc pulley i have no need for. 

Pulley OD: 6.00"
Pulley ID: 4-7/8"
Pulley Width: .84"/1.38"
Hub Diameter w/Key: 13/16"
Hub Standoff: 3/4"
Markings/Numbers: BOWTIE, 836770,  11


asking $30 delivered anywhere in continental US, others inquire.








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added dimensions, SOLD (see edit history)
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