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Anyone know what makes and models of lamps where being used by Maxwell from the factory?


I know Ben P. and Merel S. had put together a partial list of some years and models matched with specific models of lamps, but it is not complete.


Specifically, I am looking for information regarding the years of 1912 and 1913. Westchester lamps seem to have been the the favored make for Maxwells prior to late 12 and 13. The car I own, a model 30 produced in late 1912, has instead Knickerbocker black and nickel headlamps. The cowel and tail lamps were missing when originally purchased. A model 40 produced at the same time also has these. However, a model 22 roadster, also produced at the same time, has nickel plated Westchesters.


So, to get more to the heart of it; do we know when Maxwell moved more to Knickerbockers, as it seems they did(?), do we have any info as to if Knickerbocker made Maxwell script lamps and what model numbers, and did Westchester make nickel played Maxwell script lamps, or are the lamps.on the surviving 22 a later plating?

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