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  1. Looking for the owners of either the 1913 model "22" Maxwell that sold at the RM Sotheby Hershey auction last year (October 19th), originally part of the Merrick Auto Museum collection, OR, the owner of the 1913 "30" Maxwell roadster, which was at one point in southern Wisconsin. Contact me here or at svindsson@gmail.com, 715-281-7234 or, if anyone here knows said persons, please pass my message along. Trying to nail down some remaining elusive details.
  2. Anyone know what makes and models of lamps where being used by Maxwell from the factory? I know Ben P. and Merel S. had put together a partial list of some years and models matched with specific models of lamps, but it is not complete. Specifically, I am looking for information regarding the years of 1912 and 1913. Westchester lamps seem to have been the the favored make for Maxwells prior to late 12 and 13. The car I own, a model 30 produced in late 1912, has instead Knickerbocker black and nickel headlamps. The cowel and tail lamps were missing when originally purchas
  3. lschwiesow

    1914 Maxwell

    What make and models of lamps does it have?
  4. This is quite late, but do you have photos of the lamp in question?
  5. Looking for a Maxwell-Briscoe Fry Reflector as shown in the attached photos. The outside diameter of the housing is 8 3/8", and the diameter of the reflector itself is 6 1/2". Any leads or advice appreciated. Luke Schwiesow Svindsson@gmail.com
  6. The No. 4 is the second to the right. It should have Maxwell No . 4 on the top
  7. Sorry for the late response, I did not get a notification that there was a reply. I can send a picture if you still have the lamp in question.
  8. Sorry for the late replay Mark. Long story short, I had to get a new computer.... Thanks for your offer, but that is not the right kind of horn I am looking for. The twist should be perpendicular to the horn mouth, and tie into a cable leading to the bulb. I could live with a double twist, right hand drive with a bracket of same dimensions.
  9. Searching for a Maxwell No. 4 tail lamp for my 1913 touring. Pretty sure I have the mounting bracket, but would like to check dimensions.
  10. Looking for a single twist bulb horn, right-hand drive, with a bracket having 1/4" holes, 3 3/4" apart on center. Wanting to place on a 1913 Maxwell. Thanks! Luke Schwiesow
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