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  1. Looking for a Maxwell-Briscoe Fry Reflector as shown in the attached photos. The outside diameter of the housing is 8 3/8", and the diameter of the reflector itself is 6 1/2". Any leads or advice appreciated. Luke Schwiesow
  2. The No. 4 is the second to the right. It should have Maxwell No . 4 on the top
  3. Sorry for the late response, I did not get a notification that there was a reply. I can send a picture if you still have the lamp in question.
  4. Sorry for the late replay Mark. Long story short, I had to get a new computer.... Thanks for your offer, but that is not the right kind of horn I am looking for. The twist should be perpendicular to the horn mouth, and tie into a cable leading to the bulb. I could live with a double twist, right hand drive with a bracket of same dimensions.
  5. Searching for a Maxwell No. 4 tail lamp for my 1913 touring. Pretty sure I have the mounting bracket, but would like to check dimensions.
  6. Looking for a single twist bulb horn, right-hand drive, with a bracket having 1/4" holes, 3 3/4" apart on center. Wanting to place on a 1913 Maxwell. Thanks! Luke Schwiesow