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Calling all detailers


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This is a question for all the detailing people / shops out there.

I recently had a chance to tour the NPD shop in Ocala, Florida.

Saw a lot of very beautiful cars, all highly polished.

One that impressed me was a dark blue '59 Buick  4 door that looked like it was "dipped in glass".

So I asked, what polish they used on their cars ?

Answer was "Chadwick's Triple Play"


My question is, does anyone use this product, and what was your experience with it.


I bought a bottle and their sponge applicator, and using it on the hood of my daily driver, a 2013 Chrysler T&C,

 It felt like doing a clay bar treatment without the clay. Wiped it off with a terry cloth towel and finished off with a micro fiber towel.

Hood is now glass smooth and NO swirl marks.


I would like to try it on the '31 Chrysler which was painted in 1980, ( a pretty amateurish job) and no clear coat.

I just wonder how this product, or what YOU use, will hold up to dust and Lord forbid, rain.


I've never owned a power buffer, and have always done my wax jobs by hand.

I'm not headed to Amelia or Pebble, but I would like to make the old girl presentable.


Let the comments begin..............


Mike in Colorado


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