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Mid 1960's Chevy 283 Engine Wanted


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1 hour ago, JetSmooth61 said:

Posting for a local car club friend.  Call Ken at 631-880-8489 - Looking for a stock rebuilt, ready to drop in 283 V8 from the mid-1960's.

I have a 283 ci,  redone , unfortunately, I am located in California,, I enclose pics,,

this engine was redone by Romero Motors, in Stockton, CA, Mr Julian Romero is around 83, and closed  his business 3 years ago,and I closed my at the same period,

I enclosed pics,

chevrolet  corvette 384 9852.jpg

chevrolet corvette 3849852.jpg

chevroletcorvette  283 rebuilt.jpg

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Ken , my name is Alain, French/US citizen, live in California since 1999,  I looked at my file concerning the 283 ci engine,

I  bought this engine and had it redone, and was supposed to send it to France, but never received the payment.I kept it  in my warehouse with my classics.


Rebuildt long bloc,with 0.10 X 0.10 crankshaft. and 0.40 cylinders.my cell 707 712 4626


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