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ACN/FSS Search now available on the club website

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Hi All,

In our continuing efforts to keep the club web site as helpful as possible, it now contains the ability to search the ACN's and FSS's by article or topic. This is now available on the Members Only page in the Publications box at the top. Big thanks to Roy Canfield who updated the Index in a way that made it easy to use as the basis of a search engine, and his index is still available on the web as an additional excellent resource. Search on a topic, article name, author, person, or whatever. The search will list the article and clicking on the link will take you to the issue, and in many cases to the page in that issue. There are many FSS's that are not on the web, so not every hit will be a link, but the search result will give you the issue and page for a physical lookup. I hope you all like this new feature.

Bill Eby

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